About Us – Web Development

Purple Owl Media Group is a full service Web Development company that started 8 years ago. Our original founders initially called the company Forte Media. We took it over from there added some new features, updated the technology and founded a new company.

When you choose Purple Owl your choosing loyalty and hard work. Your choosing efficiency and knowledge in the field of Web Development and design. We like to stay competitive, with our competition and yours. Staying ahead of this every changing technology we work and do business in, is imperative. Our sites are built responsively and work over multiple screens, many browsers, devices. We customize every element for you.

We offer high-quality customized website design services. These are premium designs for low, efficient cost. Our sites have high usability and great client retention. We work to understand your target audience and address their specific needs. We use an extremely experienced and well tuned team to create and build the finest designs in our market.

Our flexible pricing allows you to choose the elements of you website that are best suited for you. Our typical price for a website starts at $599 for a quality 5-page responsive WordPress website.

Our websites are SEO compliant when they come off the press. This means you will be closer to meeting your internet marketing needs in a shorter amount of time. WE LIKE DEADLINES. If you have a set amount of time to complete your site within reason, we will meet that time frame.

Every team member in our company is required to know a little bit about what the other departments do. What does this mean for you? It means we have excellent customer support. If you have a question about your website or just about your business in general, any one of our experienced team members should be able to funnel that question into an answer. Choose Purple Owl! We are here for you.