Search Engine Marketing Services

Purple Owl Media is one stop for all when it comes to Search Engine Marketing. Our experienced on-staff Search Marketing Gurus are some of the best. We offer your company everything you need to be successful online and with Social Media. If you believe you are not getting enough leads from you online presence, that is probably the case. To have a website is one thing, to be seen is an entirely different animal. We work on your visibility, social media marketing, and search engine presence. SEM has many facets. In many ways it is the meat of internet marketing, since it combines many specific areas of the web.

In the last couple of years we have seen an escalation in the need for SEM and has become a large part of bigger companies strategy. When a potential client crosses a keyword in which your company is associated, they are considered a qualified visitor. YOU want to be able to convert that potential client. Purple Owl Media can help you to do that.

Social Media Site and Their Involvement With Search

Changes in search have led us to utilizing more social media in our search engine marketing than ever before. Today, businesses have to understand that the way we interact with each other in social media plays into our business ventures. We are in part our businesses, we them and breath them. This too is a part of the Purple Owl process of SEM type marketing. Our social media department understands that completely. We have used time tested methods to find the right fit for businesses we work with drawing them closer to their clients through social media outlets

Organic Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to Google, Bing and Yahoo, there is no set approach for all of these search engines. All of the clients and websites we work with have to be individually marketed for their specific type of business and goals. We do a careful, customized, in-depth analysis of your keywords, competition, and market and find exactly what fits for your business. We offer a myriad of options in our SEO packages including local search engine optimization, SEO consulting, and a full-service intregrated process.

Pay Per Click Management

Purple Owl’s PPC campaigns are based on great technology and top analysis from our PPC team to analyze Google next move in the PPC field. Recent changes allow for more room on page one for businesses to compete in the PPC arena so competition can be brutal. You need a team that can elimate the pains of that competition and just get you the traffic for your business. We achieve that by focusing on these areas:

Keyword research & strategy
Ad copy & development
Campaign optimization
Landing pages
Ad testing
A/B testing

Brand & Reputation Management

Reviews are everything. If you are not getting online reviews from your clients or from the general internet population, you need to do that right away. 84% of qualified internet users will go to a review of your business before choosing your products and services. You web presence is imperative. We can help you make a great impression and get you the reviews you need for more traffic.

Content Development Services

One of the biggest element of a successful website is rich, verified content. Getting your clients interested in your website and it’s content, is the very first item you should put on your list. The second biggest is getting that content to be noticed in other areas of the web than just your website. We use syndication services, website conversions, press releases, social marketing, and SEO copy writing to find the best places for your content. Through proper placement, you will find more traffic and better qualified clients just because they are specifically interested in what you have to say. Other avenues we take to get you noticed:

Optimized website content
Blog post writing
Press release writing & optimization