Besides 23 years of hard work and education, we do use a few tools to help us with our Flagstaff SEO clients. One of those tools is has quickly become one of our most effective SEO tools, with a wide range of capabilities that make it feel like you’re using multiple tools. We’ve reviewed SERPED and written a guide on how to use it for keyword research, but there are still other things we can go through. Here is a link to their website if you want to test it out for yourself.

SERPED Adds Value

This demonstrates how valuable is as a tool, providing us with the best value for our money. If you can utilize for keyword research, you can also use it for content management. After you’ve found the perfect keywords for your website, the next step is usually content management, which helps you prepare for the creation of blog articles and landing pages. With that in mind, here’s a quick primer to using to manage your content.

Keyword research is the first step in creating and managing content. Finding the proper keywords is difficult because you must strike a balance between searchability and competition. We’ve gone over how to utilize SERPED for keyword research, and the features allow you to find the best keywords and see how they compare to the competitors.


After you’ve determined your website’s keywords, the next step is to determine the best type of content that will benefit your visitors.
There are a few questions you’ll have to answer when doing this, including the following:

  • In WordPress, how can I keep track of and manage my content?
  • Where can I look for potential sources for my research?
  • Would I be able to recover deleted files?
  • Is it possible for me to double-check my content’s grammar and quality?

Content Management

When it comes to content management, all of these questions will be on people’s thoughts. Thankfully, can answer all of these queries by utilizing specialized capabilities.

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Creating content, especially for blog articles and landing pages, can be difficult at times. With their Content Curation tool, wants to make content creation faster and more efficient by automatically generating posts based on your keyword, complete with photographs, videos, and related news.

SEO Flagstaff AZ

Auto Generating Content

As you can see in this example, I typed in “Strategic Partner” and was immediately directed to a piece about three different sorts of Strategic Partners, which is a useful topic in and of itself. While the ability to automatically create your own material appears to be a fantastic feature, it is still preferable to write your own content and only use the Content Curation tool for inspiration.

Image and Video also gives you with image and video sources to use in your post, in addition to automatically generated posts.
This speeds up the process of seeking for reference material. You can also discover news items, albeit you may need to use a more particular search keyword to find the relevant ones.

You may easily upload the article on your website after tweaking it and adding the image and video. All you have to do now is fill in all of the required fields before it is published. This functionality may not be as efficient or effective as creating a post, but it does allow users to streamline their content creation process and gain fast access to a large source base.

This is the short version of the capabilities of We will feature this tool in the future as it is one of our favorite tools to use.